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Nutrition and Breast Cancer: The Keys to Healthy, Happy Eating


Does it seem like just about everyone is telling you what you can't eat? Eating healthy wasn’t easy even before breast cancer. But now that you've been diagnosed and started (or even finished) treatment, everyone is telling you that their mother's BFF's cousin's boyfriend's sister's co-worker said you absolutely can't eat soy, gluten, sugar or some other ingredient. How are you supposed to know what to eat and what to avoid?


3 Post-Mastectomy Fashion Tips


Having a mastectomy is a difficult decision. Even if you know that it's the right choice, it's still a drastic alteration to your body that can change the way you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. Trying to dress in a way that's both comfortable and attractive after the surgery can really bring this home.

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2 Things to Consider When Planning a Vacation After Breast Cancer


Facing the immense challenge of being diagnosed with breast cancer is an unfortunate reality for far too many women. Around one in eight American women will face this terrible disease over the course of their lifetime. Fortunately, medical and pharmaceutical advances have dramatically increased the treatment options and survival rates for breast cancer, and more women than ever are successfully beating this disease.

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