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How to Find the Perfect Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Concerns over body image often make women uncomfortable when they shop for a bathing suit. If you’re buying a suit to fit your post-mastectomy body, that discomfort can be magnified. But with the right advice and product selection, you can find flattering swimwear that both looks and functions great.
mastectomy swim suit

Decide Your Activity Level

Are you looking for something to wear primarily while lounging by the pool? Or are you looking to spend time in the lap pool to help your recovery? Determining the main purpose for buying a post-mastectomy swim suit will help you find the right style. We can show you different options, including fun ones like tankinis, so you choose with confidence. If you already have a favorite suit, ask us about adding a prosthesis pocket so you can still wear it. 

Choose the Right Insert

Feeling confident in your suit means being comfortable with the insert you select. Many women prefer a silicone prosthesis for this. Consider foam pads as well; for some women, these inserts are more functional. Take your time, ask questions and try on different options. We can also help you with choosing a breast prosthesis for everyday wear.

Prioritize Important Features

All women have something about their body they want to cover. That’s why bathing suits come with features like tummy control panels and skirted bottoms. Decide on your priorities. Have a scar that makes you feel a bit self conscious? Look for a suit with a higher neck or arm cutouts that provide extra coverage. 

Be Proud of Your Body

No matter which suit you choose, wear it with pride. You and your body have been through a lot together and deserve some rest and relaxation time at the beach, the pool or even on a cruise. The perfect swimsuit is the one that makes you feel great.
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